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The Movement is Near!

A Love is coming unlike anything this world has ever seen...

What is this Movement?

There are so many theories, perspectives, and truths, it's overwhelming. The power of information has only empowered confusion and misdirection. Each person has their own perception of good and evil, has their own version of truth. Naturally, each person is compelled to select which truth he/she wishes to accept if not his/her own. Each truth truthfully and faithfully screams that it is the Truth, but how can one know for sure? This isn't the first time this question has been examined, but it is one that we took very seriously early on in life. It seems that each person has a period where he/she decides what truth to believe, and then commits his/her life to manifest that truth, or at least try their best. Some people go their entire lives undecided, ultimately concluding that there is no absolute truth, while others are forced to commit to a truth not of their choosing early on in life. Some people commit to a truth early on out of the fear that they might miss out on something. Then there are some who do decide that they will explore every possible version that they possibly can before they commit to it, no matter how many years it takes them. But it was the very few who dared to take the risk to believe in a truth that never manifested before who have influenced the course of human history.

The powers that be will have you believe that to manifest such truths which can alter history is purely by chance or in some cases, luck. And so, all of humanity is putting its hopes on that chance in order to break free from its shackles of lack. But how is this different from the concept of a casino or a lottery? With this paradigm, of course it is easier to believe there is no god than to believe in a god who favors one over millions. While we too have believed in this paradigm at first, we too desired to find a way to be the favored ones. Then use our blessings to favor others. That was the plan anyway. But it would bring up some other concerns such as: if god favors one over millions, then he/she does not favor the others, who then are we to think that we can favor someone else that god did not? It's not like god is lacking right? And yet, the religious have built an entire empire around this without ever questioning the cruel nature of this paradigm. Go ahead, try to question this, and see how they steer your paradigm, never truly answering it directly.

We spent the first part of our lives observing this world and the people in it. We looked at how they perceived themselves and how they perceived others. We looked at how people treated each other individually and as a whole. We observed the timeline of humanity, and even the statistical patterns that humanity produced. We concluded that no matter how religion and the media presents the good nature of humanity, all the fruits of evil continue to reign over the land, dividing and destroying the people like a cancer. Even the people who are favored have become vessels of evil. If you take the mainstream media for its word, you'll have a hard time believing this. But if you carefully examine the lives of each person, you will detect a common thread that no one seems to be able to escape.

Humanity is working for a system that favors hard work over generosity. No matter how you slice it, it truly is "every man for himself". There is no unity. No one lifts a finger if it is not convenient for themselves. Everyone is so caught up in pursuing their own success, that they ignore the failures of their neighbors. It seems that the more successful you become, the more angrier you are inside. This is such a common correlation, and yet it is swept under the rug and completely overlooked. The drive for success seems to be yielding results that aren't that different than today's rise in meth addiction. And yet, those with potential will guard this with their lives before questioning its integrity. Well, actually they will use the lives of the less fortunate to guard it, but that's a whole other topic of its own.

The point is, why would humanity, in its right mind, build and uphold a system where, on a planet that has room and abundance for each family, have less than 10% of the population have wealth and control over the other 90%+? The 90%+ of the population labors to build and maintain this system while the 10%- make decisions that affect the masses in a negative way, all to benefit themselves. The 90%+ lives in severe poverty compared to the 10%- percentile. The 10%- have enough to supply the masses but doesn't. If you think we're making this up, then do your homework and do it thoroughly.

Looking at all this and wondering, "Is this all there is? Is this just the way it is? Can this truly not be changed?" took a very heavy toll on us...our perspective of life. What be the point in all this struggle if by the end of this life I end up in poverty, in suffering? Even if I can manage to climb into the cradle of the 10%-, how can I live knowing that my neighbors are in poverty, suffering? All the charities in the world aren't turning things around, so why would mine? And even if you reach that success you dreamed of, what then? Nothing can satisfy you forever in this life, and that is just basic psychology. And you still do not alleviate your suffering because your health will eventually crack, no matter how many pills you pop. What is going on? Is this really what we call life? Why is the pursuit of happiness so sad? Doesn't seem to end well for anybody. Participating in this life, in this world, really does cost you your soul. So then at some point, suicide seems to be a shortcut, I mean why prolong your suffering and ultimately, your doom? Is there no other alternative?

There is. And this is what this portal is about. It's about the way out, a real way out. Check back once a month for updates.